2 Interactive Museums to Visit on a Rainy Day in Scotland

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Glasgow Science CentreGlasgow Science Centre

As you might know, in Scotland it rains a lot- around 260 days of the year. So what do we do here on a rainy day? My favourite activity is visiting museums. I think that I have been to almost every museum in Glasgow at least twice.  If you plan to visit Scotland in the winter months, here are two of my favourite interactive museums to see:

 Glasgow Science Centre
My all-time favourite place in Glasgow. I think I have visited this place at least 5 times in 2017.  I can guarantee you will have fun there. You might think that science museums are only for kids, but the activities there are for people of all ages. When visiting, you should start from the top floor with the Biology section and then explore all the way down. You will learn how to power the future and all about the physics and engineering behind quantum technology. Keep in mind that there are shows going on during the day in the Planetarium so you if you want to watch one of those you have to be there 5-10 minutes before. There is usually a schedule provided with your ticket, so you can keep a track of all the activities during the day. If you plan to stay a bit longer in the centre, you can grab a bite at the Science Café.  One of the first times I went there, I ended up staying from 11 am to 5 pm (when the Science Centre closes), so the Science Café was a good choice for fueling up my explorer’s mind. The Science Centre does amazing events for adults as well, called Science Lates. You will be able to explore the centre without any kids around, grab a drink and enjoy the programme. Each of these nights has a theme. Science Lates will return in 2019.

Ticket £11.50
Science Lates £15.00
Website https://www.glasgowsciencecentre.org/

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
This is by far one of the coolest museums I have been to. Located close to the Parliament Building in Edinburg, Dynamic Earth is a must see. The museum tells the story of the formation of Earth and it definitely earns its name with all the dynamic sections it has. Before embarking on a journey through the ages, you will meet James Hutton, the father of modern geology, who was born in Edinburg. He will tell you more about how geology became his passion. Then, you will enter a time machine and you will travel billions of years all the way back to the Big Bang, you will experience a volcano eruption and then you will get chills walking through the Ice Age. You can even touch an ice glacier, if you are brave enough. Afterwards, you can explore the ocean depths in a yellow submarine and meet creatures that existed millions of years ago. Dynamic Earth also has a 360° Showdome, where you can watch short movies about space, stars, and the formation of life on Earth. You can also grab a bite at the Food Chain café.

Ticket £14.00
Website https://www.dynamicearth.co.uk/

These are my two favourite interactive museums in Glasgow and Edinburgh that I like to visit on a rainy day. Which are your favourite places to visit when it’s pouring down?

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