My Exciting 2019 Blog and Social Media Goals

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    ​It is a new year, a time to set new exciting goals. Thus, it is only suitable to share my 2019 exciting goals for my blog and social media channels. I started my blog in the autumn of 2015 but I wasn’t posting regularly. It took me a while to find my niche and to decide what to share. I started the blog with the idea to write posts about the student life in Glasgow and maybe travelling around Scotland, but then I moved for a year to Holland and I got to travel a lot. Thus, I decided to turn it into a travel blog. So, in October 2018 I finally came back to blogging. I decided to start with a challenge to share a blog each day called #psablogaday. Even though it didn’t work as planned, to share 30 blogs in 30 days I still wrote 18 blog posts. Considering it took me 3 years to write the first 18, I think I did pretty well, lol. I was promoting each blog on social media as well, so half of my days I spent writing new posts and the other half on Twitter and Facebook trying to get more exposure for my blog and it did pay off. Here is how I performed in 2018 blogwise. 

Overview of my Social Media Blog Channels in 2018

In the past two and a half months I gained 230 new followers. At the moment I have almost 800 followers, which is my goal for January and it’s just January 16th. I can’t wait to see what will happen by the end of 2019. 38% of my social media traffic comes from Twitter, so I hope to keep growing and to increase the traffic on my blog.
Growing on Facebook is harder than on Twitter but I still managed to gain 30 new followers in two months. I get most of the social media traffic on my blog from Facebook – 55%. Thanks to my awesome friends and few blog groups I joined. The best one so far is the Female Travel Bloggers group which is an amazing community of travel bloggers as they offer great support and they organize the best comment threads.
In the past two months, I added 18 new blog posts and I increased the traffic of my blog. Apart from getting more views, I got a lot of new comments. When I see a new comment it just makes my day and I know that I am on the right track. I appreciate it a lot when people are liking my content and are commenting. Thank you!

 Blogging and Social Media Goals for 2019

I have big plans for my blog and social media for 2019. I finally created a blog schedule, which I will try my best to follow. I have plans to change my web hosting this year and maybe go into self-hosting. I still have to decide which web hosting will work best for me. Another big plan is to really get into SEO. I am reading more and more on it and I hope to increase my organic traffic, as now my main traffic comes from social media channels. Here are my social media goals for 2019.
I hope to grow to 1500 followers this year. The blogging community on Twitter is simply amazing. I love how supportive everyone is. I get lots of engagement and retweets of my posts and a lot of comments from other bloggers. My plan is to engage with more bloggers on Twitter and to discover new blogs as well.
I want to be more active on the blogging groups on Facebook. I just joined two new groups, but I haven’t had the chance to browse them yet. The one group I love is the Female Travel Bloggers. It is amazing how much support I get by being a member of this group. For all the female travel bloggers, if you haven’t joined this group, now it’s the time to do it.  I want to gain new followers for my blog page on Facebook too. I hope to get up to150 followers this year.
I know I am a bit late on the Pinterest game. I have had Pinterest for ages, and I have pinned photos from my blog. But I have never created actual pins for my posts. My big new year’s resolution is to create great pins for each of my posts and to do a makeover of my Pinterest page. I keep reading that bloggers get most of their traffic from Pinterest, so it is something that I should definitely do.
I love Instagram, maybe not as much as Twitter, but still, I used to spend a lot of hours there. Recently, I have had problems with my phone, so I haven’t posted there in a while.  I hope to get a new phone soon and then I will get back there. I haven’t used Instagram to promote my blog that much, but I think it can be useful once it is back up.
These are the goals for my exciting 2019 blog and social media goals. If you are a blogger let me know what are your blog goals for 2019? Also, do you find Instagram and Pinterest useful for driving traffic to your blog? I would love to read your experiences.

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