Isle of Skye – Day 2 Itinerary

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   The second day on the Isle of Skye started at 9.00am with a Scottish breakfast at the Homeleigh B&B. If you missed our Day 1 on the Isle of Skye, you can check it here.
Around 10.00pm we headed for Broadford, as the nearest Co-operative store was there and we wanted to get some food. We did not want to repeat the dinner fiasco from the day before, especially since we decided to camp on our second night. In Broadford, we visited an antique store, Skye Antiques, where I bought a vintage jewellery box and my boyfriend got a vintage camera. And of course, we got some food from the local Co-op. The plan for day 2 was to drive to the Fairy pools and do a walk there, after which we planned to go straight to Torvaig Caravan and Campsite near Portree. ​
​    After finishing shopping at Broadford, we drove to the Fairy pools car park. In the morning, when we shared our plans with our lovely B&B host, she warned us that there might not be a lot of parking spaces left at the Fairy pools car park, as people tend to go early there. So, we parked in a smaller car park not far from the closest Fairy pools car park. The day was not that sunny, so we were prepared for rain and wind.
The walk that we did was the Fairy pools and Coire na Creiche walk, which is 8 km long. It starts across the road of the Fairy pools car park, following a path that goes to the waterfalls. The path branches left. We followed the left path up. Halfway up the path, it began to rain. So, we had to stop a bit until the rain slowed down. After 2 hours we reached a small lake, there we continued to the right on a path towards the Sgurr an Fheadain. The weather improved, while we were walking up this path. As we were reaching the bottom of the peak the path became stonier and steeper. We decided to stop for our lunch there as we needed a rest.  Afterwards, we started descending back to the car park walking downstream along the Fairy pools. We stopped to enjoy the nature around us and to take pictures so around 6.30pm we were back at the car.
​    We drove straight to the Torvaig Campsite as it was getting late and we wanted to put our tent up and go for dinner at Portree. I have put tents before but not on my own, so it took us a bit of time to get all the things for the tent. After we set up and took our sleeping bags and blankets to the tent, we drove to Portree.
We enjoyed a nice dinner at No.1 Bosville Terrace with mussels, tuna fish dish and scallops. Both my boyfriend and I love seafood, so we just couldn’t decide what to have. We wanted to try everything. The restaurant prepared our food really quickly, considering they were quite busy, as there was a large group of American tourists.
​   After our lovely dinner, we headed back to the campsite. You might guess that camping in Scotland even in May can be a bit cold. Thus, you have to be prepared with warm clothes, sleeping bags and lots of blankets. Thankfully, we had all of that and we got a good night sleep, ready for our day 3 on the island.

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