Last Day on The Isle of Skye – Day 4 Itinerary

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    The last day on the island started with a full Scottish breakfast at Seahaze B&B. For the day we planned to go to Uig and do a boat trip to watch puffins. I was super excited, and I couldn’t wait to reach Uig. Before that, we went one last time to Portree for some food supplies and souvenirs. It wasn’t a surprise that I got a cute puffin plush toy as a souvenir. With the new edition to the plush toy family, we continued our trip to Uig. ​
​    At noon we reached the meeting point for the boat trip at Uig. There was a strong wind and no one was waiting for the trip. It turned out that the trip was cancelled because of the bad weather conditions. I was really disappointed, and we didn’t know what to do, as the plan was to go on the boat trip and then to drive back to Glasgow. It was getting very windy and we wanted to go somewhere for coffee, but there weren’t many places around. We asked a guy at the gas station and he pointed us at the direction of Uig hotel, which was 10 min drive back on the main road.
     We quickly went to the hotel for tea and coffee and to decide what to do, as we still had some time. I remembered that I have seen something in the area on the walking highlands website, so we searched in our guide for information. As it turned out, we were close to the Fairy Glen.
The Fairy Glen is an area with grassy rounded hills with ponds between the hills. It is believed that fairies used to live there. There isn’t a specific route, you can just explore the area, which is perfect for a relaxing walk. There wasn’t an official parking, so we just stopped off the road, next to some other cars.
We started exploring the area, climbing on the small grassy hills and looking around. To me it looked like the hills could have been houses to the fairies before. We continued on the left side of the road.  When we were across from the ruins of Castle Ewen we walked across and following the path we arrived at a large meadow on the right side of which were the ruins of the castle.  A narrow path up the slope led to the top of the rocky tower. We climbed it to get a better view of the area.
Afterwards, we decided to walk back to the car as it was time to drive back to Glasgow. This time we were lucky with the weather, as it started pouring down when we reached the car. So, we quickly climbed in and managed to stay dry. We had to wait a bit, as it was impossible to drive in this weather.
    ​Back on the road, we took the way that goes through the Skye Bridge which connects the Isle of Skye to the mainland.
​      One last thing to see on our trip was the Eilean Donan castle. As it was already late, we only stopped at the parking lot across to have our dinner with the nice view of the castle. It was 8 pm when we got back in the car and drove to Glasgow.

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