My 2018 in Travel and 2019 Travel Wishlist

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​     I started a tradition at the end of 2017 to note down all the places I have visited during the year and to calculate the km I have travelled. At the end of 2018, I again listed all the places I have been to. My 2018 in travel looks like this:  23, 175 km, 23 different cities and 6 different countries. This included visiting two new countries – Poland and Spain. I went twice to Italy and I made the most of my stay in Holland by travelling and exploring new cities. In comparison, in 2017 I had travelled 14,089 km. I visited 19 cities, in 5 different countries and I checked off living in Holland from my bucket list. 
    As you can see, I do love travelling. I have already done my first trip this year to London last weekend, visiting one of my flat mates from Holland. At the end of the month, I am going back to Bulgaria to visit relatives. So, my January trip calendar is already full.

My 2019 Travel Wishlist

1.    Paris – I plan to visit Paris with two friends of mine in the spring. It will be my second time in the city. The last time I visited was 6 years ago so I can’t wait to go back there.
2.    Loire Valley Road Trip – I hope this year I get to explore this part of France. My boyfriend’s dad lives in the Loire Valley region and ever since I found out about that I want to go and to explore the beautiful chateaux.
3.   Budapest – One of the presents under the Christmas Tree was a guide to Budapest. It sounds like a good place for a romantic weekend getaway.
4.    Scotland day trips – I may have visited a lot of places in Scotland so far, but there is still more to explore. I hope that this year I finally go to either St Andrews or Aberdeen or why not both! Also, I would love to visit more of the islands such as Mull and Staffa.
5.    Vietnam – The big trip I want to go on this year is to Vietnam. I hope to meet one of my best friends from my master’s and to explore the country for 2 weeks.  
What trips have you planned for 2019? Share your wishlists in the comments below.  

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