Thunderstorms in Glasgow

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         If you were awake at 8 am last Wednesday you must have witnessed the thunderstorm in Glasgow. It is a very unusual event happening once a year or once every few years in Glasgow. So in the half an hour I witnessed the storm I decided to make an account of it, with the thought that by the time I finish writing I would have witnessed the changing of the weather a couple of times and so I did.
Accounts from Wed, 20th July 2016:
​ “Now this is a thunderstorm in Glasgow. The kind of thunderstorm you can actually enjoy while sipping tea and looking through your window with the occasional sounds of thunder. It reminds me of why I enjoyed the rain so much when I was back home because the thunderclaps are not so loud and not so scary. You do not have the feeling that the sky will tear apart and will swallow you, it is just a normal thunderstorm. If there is such a thing as a normal storm in nature.
Watching the raindrops fall and splash into millions of small water drops, curled on a sofa, it’s what I used to do sometimes during the summer months. For me, a rainy day during the summer meant having time off the sunny weather and catching up with my favourite literature heroes or scribbling something on a piece of paper. I guess things haven’t changed that much. The only thing missing back then was a spectacular view from my window with a mist crawling down the city. Just two minutes ago I could see half of the West End, now it all looks like a ghost town. I can see the inspiration behind those Gothic novels now… Listening to the raindrops falling created such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for a few minutes. Then, the heavy rain started and it made me wonder how angry Mother Nature can be sometimes. On top of that, the rain along with the wind barged into the living room through the terrace door trying to spoil my tea with its raindrops. This just lasted a second. The mist is all gone now. The rain is creating this peaceful serenity again, but nobody knows for how long. And soon there will be no sign of the storm as if it had never been.”
​ “A couple of hours later it is almost sunny. I swear I saw the sun out for a minute if you are lucky you can even see the sky through the clouds. Maybe it won’t last long. It is still the middle of the day and there are a lot of hours left for the rain to come and go and the sun to shine again. It is what you can call Glasgow’s weather today or in fact Glasgow’s weather every day. “

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