Isle of Skye – Day 3 Itinerary

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   Our third day on the island started a bit late. We got all of our luggage from the tent back in the car and around noon we went for brunch in Portree. We went to the popular café Ariba, where we had to wait a few minutes outside for a table. For brunch we tried the porridge and a sandwich from their sandwich menu with some tea and coffee.
    ​On day 3 we planned to visit the Old Man of Storr and to explore more of that part of the island. At 2 pm we were at the car park of the Old Man of Storr ready to climb. The weather was still good, although it was a bit gloomy. We started walking up a path which took us around half an hour, after which we reached a gate with an open moor with a view of the Old Man of Storr and other rocks around. We were prepared to climb up to the Old Man of Storr as opposed to just walk on the path that was reaching just under the rock. Not many of the other tourists were making their way up to the rocks, maybe because the weather looked a bit alarming. We reached the rocks and from there we had to scrape up to the Old Man of Storr. That was my first time using hiking poles, so I was a bit unsure where to position them on my climb up. While we were preparing to climb, it became very foggy. I got worried but still continued up. As we reached the Old Man of Storr it started pouring down with a very strong wind. We couldn’t see anything from the path below us, because of the fog. I took out my raincoat which was big enough to shelter two people. We stayed there for quite some time until the rain stopped, but I was already a bit shaken and scared, as it was very windy. Luckily, after what seemed forever to me, the rain and wind stopped, and the fog disappeared. Although we had the waterproof clothes and the raincoat, we still got wet. I wanted to go back to the car to change in some dry clothes, but I was really scared to start descending. I needed a bit of time to calm myself and to gather my courage. My boyfriend was walking in front to show me where to step on the way down.  While we were descending, we heard some rocks following to our right, which I thought wasn’t a very good sign, but they were far away. We reached safely the path and started walking towards the car. The weather was improving now. I guess we chose the only time of the day when it was raining to be up at the Old Man of Storr.
​   Safely back in the car we changed in some dry clothes and grabbed some noodles for lunch. We wanted to go to the Quiraing but it was already late and we had to make it back to Portree at 8 pm to check in to our B&B.
We decided to go drive to the Quiraing just to see the area. On the way there we stopped at Lealt Falls viewpoint to enjoy the scenery.
     At the evening we arrived at the Quiraing. We walked to a viewpoint just to see the area around and then drove back to Portree.
    We checked in at Sea Haze B&B which was a bit tricky to find and we drove back to Portree for dinner.
We wanted to try a new place this time and we walked around to see the different restaurants. We decided to try the Lower Deck Seafood, although we had to wait a while for a table, and for some reason, we couldn’t wait inside. So, we went for a walk and took the typical tourist picture of the coloured houses of Portree.

    Back in the restaurant we split an oyster starter and then I tried my first Cullen Skink soup which was so amazing – I fell in love with that soup – and my boyfriend got the salmon. After dinner, we drove back to our B&B to prepare for our last day on the island.

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