Best Day Out – North Queensferry and Deep Sea World Day Trip

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Forth Rail Bridge

Forth Rail Bridge
   Living in Glasgow, I follow one simple rule: when it’s sunny or more accurately when it’s not raining, I travel. Thus, I have visited a lot of places in Scotland. One of them is North Queensferry and the famous Deep Sea World, Scotland’s National aquarium. The trip is perfect for a fun day out and Deep Sea World offers a lot of activities, especially if you are travelling with kids.
  ​My boyfriend and I went on this day trip in March 2017. North Queensferry can be a bit tricky to reach from Glasgow if you don’t own a car or if the trains are not working. We went on two busses, changing in Dunfermline and it took us around 2 hours to reach North Queensferry. The bus from Dunfermline stopped us just before going on the Queensferry Bridge so, we were greeted by a view of the iconic Forth Bridge and the surrounding areas. ​Since we were not in a hurry, we went for a walk on the streets of North Queensferry and we found a small beach with fishing boats. It wasn’t that warm to try the water so after snapping a few photos, we continued to our destination – Deep Sea World.

Queensferry BridgeQueensferry Bridge

   ​The aquarium is located underneath the Forth Rail Bridge. Thus, it didn’t take us long to find. We got our tickets and the programme for the day and embarked on our underwater adventure. The programme was full of activities. We had already missed a piranha feed according to the schedule, but to be honest that sounded a bit scary. I saw that there was a seal feed scheduled later on and I was super excited to see it. Before that, we explored the aquarium on our own. We saw a mini version of the Great Barrier Reef and we managed to find Nemo too!

The Great Barrier Reef mini version

The Great Barrier Reef mini version

Nemo, swimming away from the cameras

Nemo, swimming away from the cameras
   Afterwards, we headed for the seal feed where we watched a great performance by a couple of seals who did some amazing tricks in order to get their food. We were so captivated by it we didn’t think of taking pictures. It’s good from time to time to just enjoy and not to try to capture everything on camera. I wondered what it would be like to work in an aquarium and to train seals. Maybe it’s not too late to try. Who knows? It may turn out to be my calling.
Next on the schedule was the Underwater Safari. A little-known fact, at least for me, is that Deep Sea World has the longest underwater tunnel in Europe. There you can meet some friendly sharks. We spent half an hour listening to a talk about the sharks. For the more adventurous, Deep Sea World offers dive with sharks. You can book that beforehand by purchasing your ticket on the website and then calling the aquarium to book a time slot. I felt better watching them through the tunnel window, but some of you may find diving with them interesting.
  ​We wandered a bit more in the aquarium to make sure we had seen all of it. As we started to get hungry, we set off to find a place where we could get a late lunch. North Queensferry is a small place and on a Sunday afternoon, not many places are open. On the way to Deep Sea World, we saw a lovely Scottish place called the Wee Restaurant for fine dining, but it was closing at 4 pm, which wouldn’t have left us a lot of time to explore the aquarium. Besides, we didn’t feel like going to an expensive restaurant that day. So, by the time we finished our visit at Deep Sea World our options were a café closing at 5 pm, and the Albert Hotel (which seems to be closed now). We went to the hotel for our late lunch. The front was a pub, but they also had a restaurant in the back. We got mussels, the soup of the day and a dessert afterwards.
We had some time left to explore a bit more of North Queensferry before our bus back to Dunfermline. On our stroll we found another small beach which was picture perfect.

Queensferry Bridge at sunset

Queensferry Bridge at sunset
  ​At the end, on the bus ride back to Dunfermline and Glasgow, we had a lot of nature pictures to go through. Now, a year and a half later, they remind us of a great day out in Scotland. And for the seals, they are just unforgettable.

Deep Sea World website –

How much is a ticket to Deep Sea World?
The price of tickets varies depending whether you want a dated ticket or a flexi ticket. You can also purchase an annual pass. You can find more on the website.

How to get to Deep Sea World from Glasgow?
By car – take the M8 and it takes 1 hr to drive to the aquarium. When you cross the Queensferry bridge you have to take the first exit left and follow the signs for Deep Sea World.
By train – you can take a train to Edinburgh and then change to North Queensferry. If you are planning to go by train check the Scotrail website to make sure the trains are running the day you plan to go.
By bus – If you don’t want to go through Dunferline, you can take bus 900 or AIR to Edinburgh Airport and then change to 747 to reach the other side of the Queensferry bridge.

Other things you can see in North Queensferry – Queensferry Light Tower, the smallest working tower of its kind.

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